A good curriculum is a systematic and complete package of competencies like knowledge, skills and attitudes and when rightfully executed contributes to the development of necessary attributes and skills in students for application in the context of their studies, daily life and careers.

The school follows the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework for curriculum planning and CCE pattern of evaluation given by C.B.S.E.


Curriculum is devised according to the CCE pattern.
Curriculum is a fine amalgamation of learning with fun and focuses on activity oriented approach.
Child centered education is imparted to encourage creativity.
Stress is laid on building language skills through language enrichment activities.
Inculcating reading habits through class libraries.
Honing public speaking skills via class assemblies and role plays, elocution, debates.
Hands on activities and experiments to develop scientific temperament.
Sharpening, analytical reasoning through mind games.
An extensive use of ICT to supplement classroom teaching.
Field trips and excursions are held to make learning enjoyable.


Curriculum is devised according to the CCE pattern.
Emphasis is laid on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge.
Enrichment of language skills both oral and written through free and fearless expression of ideas.
Polishing communicative skills through on the spot group discussions, extempores and debates.
Emphasis on team work through projects and search & research work in Science Lab.
Organizing field trips and workshops of relevance from time to time.